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Ethiopia. Gold ranks second in exports
Today 20 June 2011 , The Ethiopian Minister of Minerals, Snguenh Ajajo, Said the statistics confirm that he has been obtained on 179 million and 200 thousand dollars from the proceeds of gold any more than $ 1.14 billion of the total exports of the country in the past six months.
The signed and the Ethiopian Ministry of Mines with its counterpart in Sudan, in Addis Ababa, a protocol of cooperation for joint work in the field of mining and geological mapping within the limits of the two countries.
The Minister of Mining of Ethiopia, according to the newspaper, “Sudan Tribune” English, that the Convention will contribute to support and develop the relations between the two countries, and is an umbrella for the work of the organizer, noting that the Protocol include capacity building, and the formation of groups of a joint technical as well as exchange of experience and training and good management of minerals.
There have been Secretary of mining Snguenh Ajajo the protocol signed with the Sudanese side and Minister for Mines d. Baki Gilani at the conclusion of his visit to Ethiopia, which lasted a week during which he visited three provinces.
The Ministry of Mining that Ethiopia has a green stone belts contain deposits of gold, estimated at 500 tons.
In addition to gold, there are large deposits of tantalum, platinum, nickel, potash and soda ash.
And occupies the export of gold metal in Ethiopia is second only to that in recent times has become the second largest export next to the coffee, which occupies the first rank of exports.
For his part, Jilani said that the delegation stood on the headwaters of the Nile Lake Tana, which has a territory with precious stones, the visit also included the Tigray region, which includes the Great Rift Valley, which is rich regions of much of the important geological features, which help to discover minerals and underground water and gas.
The Sudanese minister added that the visit also touched on the issues of licensing and control of companies and the fees charged, and mining issues Ahly and benefit from the experience of Ethiopia in the organization of the activity.
The minister stressed his willingness to overcome all the obstacles that hinder the implementation of the Protocol

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